10 Best Emulators For Android 2021

Older consoles are a memorable and endearing aspect of many childhoods. There were a lot of awesome, classic games, from the SNES to the PlayStation. By today’s standards, some of them are still great. Many of those titles, including older Final Fantasy games, still have smartphone releases. Many only exist on some older consoles, though. There’s no other way to play them at all. With emulators, you can play originals on your devices anytime you want. Let’s find out the best emulators for Android. Bear in mind that emulators are finicky by default and can work flawlessly often and will not work at times.

What is an Emulator?

Emulators for video game consoles are applications that allow another video game console to be emulated by a PC or video game console. They are most commonly found on older PC’s and more recent video game consoles to play video games from the 1980s to 2000s.

How do Emulators work on Android?

You have to go to Google Play to download a particular emulator first of all. You can scan for the ROM directory after you have done that and download games you need, while all ROMs are automatically copied onto your Android’s SD card or internal memory. ROMs come in a .zip format often some emulator app also supports zip files) and you would definitely need a decent file manager app to handle those files in that case. You will then open your emulator software and find the ROMs folder in it, most likely /download/, sdcard/download/ or ext sd/download/. You can see the ‘Load ROM’ option in this folder, and all it takes now is to double-tap it and start the game.

Below we have compiled a list of the best emulators on Android to relive your childhood and play your old favorites ( some are free some are paid)

1. Citra Emulator (Nintendo 3Ds)
Price: Free

The newest emulator on the list is the Citra Emulator. This one is for the console Nintendo 3DS. Most of the basics are in the app, including save and load states, external controllers, and other stuff like that. Native 3DS features including the microphone, camera, and gesture controls are also enabled by this one.

Some cosmetic features, a dark theme, texture filtering, and some other items are also accessed by those who get the premium edition. For most games, the simulator fits well enough. It is compatible with hundreds of titles, but we are still not sure which one works better and which one does not work at all. Still, right now it’s your only decent 3DS mobile alternative.

Get Citra Emulator on Google Play Store

Price: Free

best psp emlators on android

Many users have protested and for good cause about the PlayStation Portable Android emulators, most of which were not working correctly. With the release of PPSSPP, which has undergone several improvements over time to be furnished and refined to become the best PlayStation emulator choice on the market by far. It helps you to play free games from your PSP games console or move the saved ones.

In case you don’t have a mid-range to High-end mobile device, PPSSPP is made for strong Android phones, and don’t be shocked if you experience occasional slow-running.

Download PPSSPP On Google Play Store

3. Dolphin (Sega Dreamcast)
Price: Free

The best Sega console ever made, hands down, was the Dreamcast. It was the first internet link console (56K) with support for mouse and keyboard via Quake III Arena. Sega left the ship quite soon, but by Dolphin, you can still relive all the Dreamcast glory.

It is one of the oldest Dreamcast emulators to date, although for a cleaner, more native interface, the latest 2018 overhaul takes advantage of newer technology. Dolphin is a fascinating emulator. For a while it was there, left, and now it’s back. The creators promise that this time it’ll hang around for a while. This is the only GameCube and Wii simulator on Android that is sort of good. It helps you to enjoy game ROMs with relatively qualified games from both systems.

However it is still in active development, so bugs are present. It has several of the usual functionality and stuff like that such as save and load states. You, of course, require your own ROMs. The emulator does not supply them alone.

Download Dolphin on Google Play Store

4. Drastic DS Emulator (Nintendo Ds)
Price: $4.99

Among the best Nintendo DS emulators on Android is the DraStic DS Emulator. In addition to virtual controls, it features simple aspects such as save and load states. The option to configure the DS’s top and bottom displays is also included. Support for hardware keyboards is also available for the emulator.

Stability is the strongest aspect of this. With very few glitches, most game ROMs work perfectly well. The price has also gone down over the years. However there is no free version to try. Within the refund timeframe, make sure you try it out!

Download Drastic Ds on Google Play Store

5. M64Plus FZ (Nintendo 64)
Price: Free


The Nintendo 64 mobile console is tough. There are many emulators, but in over half a decade, several have not worked or seen an upgrade. One of the few qualified alternatives in this room is the M64Plus FZ. It boasts high compatibility, numerous video plugins and the normal stuff (mostly to improve compatibility).

This is based on the open-source project for Mupen and the developer is doing his best. It isn’t great, but with nearly every upgrade, it is making improvements. What’s best about this emulator is that it scans and generates a clean library complete with box art for your computer. Just tap your game, and in 1996, you’re back.

It’s extremely flexible, too, enabling you to switch or add your own from a long list of emulations. Support for SD cards and Google Drive cloud storage is added in the $4 Pro version.

Get M64Plus FZ Emulator on Google Play Store

6. My OldBoy (Nintendo Gameboy)
Price: Free

My old boy is one of the best Game Boy emulators out there. Both the original monochrome and GameBoy Color games are working. Link Cable emulation, support for GameShark code, a fast-forward component to skip all the long boring drab, and more are highlights.

The $4 paid version removes advertising, speeds up the fast forward feature, adds Google Drive synchronization of data, and more. If you are more of an “advanced” gamer, My Boy’s $4! version emulates The Game Boy Advance.

Get my OldBoy on Google Play Store

7. RetroArch (Multi-console)
Price: Free

One of the most unique emulators is RetroArch. It has the potential to emulate a lot of numerous consoles. The emulator is the app itself. Cores that run inside the software are downloaded by users. Each core is a console that is different. Initially, it’s a little hard to understand at first.

Most of the emulator cores work incredibly well though. For anyone who likes emulating several consoles without having to download a lot of software, this is a perfect option. It’s also totally free, full of features and more.

Download RetroArch on Google Play Store

8. FPse
Price: $3.63

If you want action on PlayStation One then look no further. This emulator is powerful, usable with different formats for the vast majority of games, and simple to use. It allows real-time savings, compression of games, support for hardware controllers, and even LAN support, meaning you can play two-player games on two separate phones.

Get FPse on Google Play Store

9. MD.emu (Sega Mega Drive / Genesis / CD / Master System)
Price: $4.99

Over the years, Sega had ample time to grow and improve, and since the early years, it has genuinely given many titles. This problem can not be solved by so many emulators, but we find a solution in the MD.emu app.

It is ideal for Sega Genesis & Mega Drive, Sega CD, and Master System/Mark III. MD.emu can run all kinds of formats on comparatively recent Android phones (zip files included). The list of added features is very long as it includes support for hardware controllers, cheat codes, auto-saving. For Sega lovers, this is a perfect emulator.

Get MD.emu on Google Play Store

10. MAME4droid (Arcade)
Price: Free

This is one of the best emulators for android if you want to turn the clock back to the days when arcades dominated. MAME stands for Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, and over 8,000 separate ROMs are supported by the Android version.

You may require better hardware for more difficult games, and you can run into performance issues. With the option to use iON’s iCade and iCP external arcade controls and even the Wiimote of the Nintendo Wii, MAME4droid helps you to take complete control of your beloved arcade titles in a whole new way.

Get MAME4droid on Google Play Store

This was our list of the best emulators for android if we missed any or there are any you want to add to the list above please let us know in the comment section down below.

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