10 Best Photo Editing Apps for Android Free


Smartphone photography has picked up quite a pace in the last few years with smartphones carrying three or more rear cameras and rising megapixel count in an insane manner. Some images require a touch-up, considering sophisticated sensors, and that is where picture editing applications come to play. In most smartphones, the default gallery software offers simple photo editing functionality, but you may require advanced applications to change your images if you want to customize beyond the basics. Here is a list of the best photo editing apps on android that are free you can find them on Google Play Store.


1. Snapseed


Snapseed is a popular Google-developed Android photo editor that has quite a number of functions. It is available free of charge and is ad-free as well. The software has a quick to use user-friendly interface, just tap on the screen and open any file you need.

To change the look of the picture, Snapseed comes with several different types of filters, including 29 different varieties of tools. You can quickly export the file to save it or share it with your friends when finished with the editing.


2. Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express

Adobe Photoshop Express takes a lot of the best picture processing software from Photoshop and squeezes them into a smartphone app. And this free picture editing software is simple to use on a tiny touchscreen, despite offering lots of advanced functionality.

Simply upload a picture from your phone, take a new one with your camera, or use your Adobe Creative Cloud account for a picture, and then start editing.


It has all the stuff that you would assume, such as cropping, red-eye adjustment, light, contrast, distortion, filters, borders, etc. However, the range of smart filters is the best component. These filters fix typical problems, such as color temperature and problems with exposure, automatically.


You’ll need to sign up for a free Adobe ID account before you can use Adobe Photoshop Express. Save it directly to your computer or post it when you’ve finished editing your image.


3. PicsArt


For a really long time, PicsArt has been around and has so far accrued over 1 billion downloads. Fortunately, to keep things modern, the developers have done a good job of upgrading the software. Including the light editing software as well as filters, text, stickers, and collages, you can find much of the normal things.

It boasts over 100 editing resources and a group of talented people with whom to share items. To create animated gifs and even draw stuff on your pictures, you can also use this tool. With a lot of features, it’s a good choice. There are several other photo tools by PicsArt as well.

4. PhotoDirector 


PhotoDirector is a kind of photo editing software that is multi-purpose. It has a stylish and user-friendly interface where, with its basic, but powerful tools, you can easily change the colors and tone of your images. There is an in-app camera feature in the app where you can add live photo effects while your images are taken and easily post them on Facebook, Flickr.

With some in-app purchases, this Android photo editor app is free to download and includes ads.








You may have heard about the VSCO picture editing software if you’re a professional photographer. A collection of breathtaking filters that make your images look like they were shot on an analog film camera are supported by this free photo app.

What makes VSCO one of the best picture editing applications is the professional software it provides users for editing images, such as HSL and Split Tones. Compared to a lot of highly filtered Instagram presets, these gentle and subtle filters bring a bit of class to your images. And with a quick slider, you can even change them.

By default, the software also includes all the usual editing features, including changes, cropping, borders, and vignettes. For changing exposure, contrast, temperature, or skin tones, you may also use VSCO.


If your photo has been edited, you can share it with the VSCO group or another social network, such as Instagram! Using the built-in networking feature, the app also lets you share on WhatsApp and SMS.

6. Fotor Photo Editor


Fotor is one of the best and most recommended photo editing apps on android that is free with lots of interesting image-enhancing functionality and tools. The software provides a wide variety of photo effects and filters for editing images. For tweaking brightness, exposure, contrast, and other aspects of a pic, you can use more than 10 customizable ‘Edit’ tools.

With lots of collage models, this photo editor also helps you to create collages. The app is free to download but has ads.

7. Pixlr


A versatile photo editor, Pixlr by AutoDesk, also known as Pixlr Express, is the right photo editor app for everyone; it has all the tools a user can need. It has over 2 million variations of free effects, overlays, and filters. With different formats, backgrounds, and spacing choices, you can make photo collages.

In comparison, a portrait with a doodle, pencil drawings, and ink sketches may be stylized. The photos can be posted directly on different social networking sites. Except for in-app purchases, it is free to download and includes advertisements.

8. Photo Editor Pro

Photo Editor Pro is another photo editing app that can be used by people to embellish their pics.

The Android app includes many trending resources other than simple editing tools, such as applying various forms of glitch to the pics, fun sketching filters, stickers, tattoos, and many more.


All the simple editing tools are present, such as adjusting brightness, contrast, shadows, highlights, etc. Unlike we saw in other excellent photo editing apps for Android, HSL (hue, saturation, and luminance are locked for the pro version) is locked.


Android users will look forward to building collages in the app as well. The highlight of the Picture Editor, though, is its snappy user interface, which is simple to use. Full-screen advertisements that pop-up way more frequently than one can expect are the only problem with the app.

9. Photo Effects Pro

Photo Effects Pro

For those who like to experiment with filters, effects, stickers, and stuff like that, Photo Effects Pro is certainly the editor for you. As well as the ability to add text, stickers, and frames, it has more than 40 filters and effects.

The opportunity to finger paint on your picture to make it something special that you produce is a rare quality that Photo Effects Pro has. There is a limited range of resources for photo editing, but for the effects, you’re certainly getting this one. For anyone with a budget, it’s free to download and use, which makes it perfect.

10. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC

Adobe Lightroom CC

Check out Adobe Lightroom CC if you’d like to up your photography game.

The famous desktop device version of this app offers access to advanced editing tools on the go. Plus, it also works with a high-quality image format that is common among photographers with RAW images.


It focuses instead on presenting a collection of high-quality adjustment methods that are viewed as basic sliders. This helps you to change your photo’s illumination, detail, color, distortion, and grain.


You’ll also have access to extra functionality if you plan to apply to Adobe Creative Cloud. These include selective editing and Adobe Sensei, an AI system that auto-tags your pictures depending on their quality, enabling you to find the perfect image easily.


Wrapping Up

There are so many awesome picture editing tools out there that it can get frustrating at times. That’s why we created this collection of the best photo editing apps for Android. You need to first think about what you want to do to find the best free photo editing software for you and your brand, and then try other photo editing apps to find the perfect one for you.

If we missed any of the best photo editing apps on android that are free please let us know down below in the comment section.







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