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10 Best PS3 Games of All Time

best ps3 games of all time

It is difficult to imagine that the PS3 release was over a decade ago. Video game graphics and gameplay have only been more realistic with PS4 games during that period and would only get even better with the PS5. However, You may sometimes be in the mood to replay some of your favorite games that you played as a kid or teenager, amid all the advances and new consoles. These are the best PS3 games of all time based on public consensus, gameplay experience, and impressive graphics.

1. Grand theft auto v:

Grand Theft Auto V was and is one of the best video games you can purchase on a PlayStation console in what certainly reflects an exclamation point on Rockstar Games’ uncanny ability to never deliver a poor game. Rockstar returned to the Grand Theft Auto series after’ impressing’ fans with Red Dead Redemption.

The evolving plot, which places three very different characters in the spotlight, is special to the series. Playing through each plot implies switching on the fly between characters. Switching between characters with the press of a button at the height of some of the more exciting missions of the game breaks up the gameplay, especially because each character has different stats and skills.
This game is definitely one of the best ps3 games of all time.

2. Uncharted 2: among thieves:

In Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, a third-person action-adventure/shooter developed by award-winning developer Naughty Dog, Fortune hunter Nathan Drake returns. It effortlessly combines platforming and shooting with a riveting plot and deep exploration levels, like its predecessor.

In addition to the fun, the competitive multiplayer and bundled game modes deliver an enticing perk framework designed to keep you engaged beyond the 10-hour campaign.

It was the first PS3 game to take complete and frightening advantage of the more efficient architecture of the console; to create a new visual standard that would be difficult to deny even the most acid-tripped Xbox 360 fanboy of the time.

3. Red Dead Redemption:

Red Dead Redemption, produced by Rockstar San Diego as a follow-up to the hit game Red Dead Revolver in 2004, is a Western epic set at the turn of the 20th century when the lawless and chaotic badlands started to give way to the government’s increasing scope and the spread of the Modern Era.

It has a bit more heart than the series of Grand Theft Auto and uses the more dramatic elements of the plot better, making it easier to sympathize with a protagonist who might not be Earth’s most moral human. Exploring the open prairies and snowy mountains of Western United States and Mexico offers some absolutely spectacular environments for horse races, shoot outs, and zombie killing if you jumped for the Undead Nightmare (because you should). Red Dead Redemption is one of the best ps3 games of all time.


4. The Last of Us:

Infected humans run amuck twenty years after a pandemic drastically changed known society, and refugees destroy each other for nourishment and weapons – basically everything they can get their hands on. Joel, a salty refugee, is recruited out of a harsh military quarantine to smuggle a fourteen-year-old girl, Ellie, but what starts as a simple task rapidly turns into a brutal journey across the world.

It produced a viciously bleak and nihilistic adventure that had never been seen before. In doing so, a game was developed that brought the aging PlayStation 3 concept to the very limit. The Last of Us will prove to be not only the finest of all console swansongs but one of the very best ps3 games ever made full stop, from its melancholic John Hillcoat cinematic stylings to the intuitive fighting, convincing stealth gameplay, and gut-wrenching storyline.

5. Bioshock: Infinite

A city designed to break free from the chains of the surface world lies in the waters of the ocean. The underwater city of Rapture was first founded in the 1940s to be a fantasy world where people could live without the government’s remaining authoritarian control.

The player takes on the part of Booker DeWitt, a retired Pinkerton investigator, sent to the lost town to rescue Elizabeth, a young woman trapped there since childhood. He establishes a friendship with Elizabeth, developing his talents with her so that the couple can flee from a city that practically falls from the sky. In high-speed Sky-Line fights, DeWitt must learn to defeat enemies, compete in fighting both indoors and between clouds, and engage in the power of hundreds of new weapons and skills.

6. Batman: Arkham city

Batman Arkham City arguably one of the best batman and ps3 games of all time. It produced by Rocksteady Studios, expands on Batman’s intense atmospheric foundation (Arkham Asylum) sending players to Arkham City; the current high security “home” for all the thugs, gangsters, and psychotic criminal villains in Gotham City.

The plot itself is packed with a vast array of side quests and nerdtastic lore using your fists or a variety of classic devices and features excellent voice acting from the likes of Mark Hamill, Kevin Conroy, and others from Batman staples.


7. Metal gear solid 4: guns of the patriots

Through the use of devices such as the disguise costume, a buddy robot, and the revolutionary Psyche Meter, playing as going-on-senior-citizen Solid Snake may easily have been a nightmare, but Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots led the series in a genius direction.

MGS4 was one of the most remarkable achievements of the period from a technological viewpoint, from graphics to action to cinematics.
It had Snake’s slow crawl into a microwave tube, an opportunity to potentially pilot Metal Gear Rex in a Metal Gear Ray fight with Ocelot, a final battle with Ocelot that swept through the background of the series as it went by, and maybe most of all, it had a mid-credit sequence that warmed up the feelings of everyone who had spent a bit of their life in Metal Gear. The last words spoken after it has been said and done are a fitting epitaph for a series like no other. It’s fine here, isn’t it?

8. Call of duty 4: Modern warfare

For the franchise and first-person shooters in general, it was a turning point. First of all, with a contemporary single-player campaign that lifted the bar for the genre, it took the typical World War II shooter into the new age. Since storming into the war zone with an armada of choppers, one minute you are fast-roping from your Black Hawk helicopter, the next you are a sniper under concealment.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, combined with explosive combat, also includes special effects, such as the use of field depth, rim-lighting, character self-shadowing, post-processing in real-time, texture streaming, as well as physics-enabled effects. From the outset, Infinity Ward deployed a committed team to bring a fresh level of scope to multiplayer. Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare’s latest multiplayer presents the world with an addictive and open environment for players of all ages, expanding on the hit “Call of Duty 2” gaming experience.This is, in my experience, a game better played on a PC.

9. God of war III:

With God of War, Sony hit gold. A lot of individuals were not ready for the cruelty that Kratos would carry when it released the series back on the PS2. We saw Kratos paving a road of ruin over the years, and neither God nor the Titans could stop him. As it actually came down to completing the journey of Kratos and finally getting his revenge on Zeus,  God of war III did not let us down.

The end to Kratos’ story, which he deserves and has been fighting for, is God of War III. Although we have been able to cut, pound, and tear into the enemy of Kratos forever, the game has been a colossal experience that is hard to overlook once played. God of War III provides an ending perfect for the Ghost of Sparta, from spectacular graphics to incredible boss battles.

10. The Elder Scrolls V:

Let’s not beat around the bush, it was a gamble to play Skyrim on PS3. If you managed to stop future errors, glitches, and collisions in the minefield, then you had a real chance at being lost in the beautiful wintery landscape Skyrim had to offer.

Filled with dragons and all kinds of monstrosities and robbers, the vast world of Skyrim is one that people don’t get bored of discovering. We realize this because there have been three DLC add-ons and three separate editions of the game published as of the writing of this list, including a VR adaptation that came out six years after the initial release of the game. It is most definitely one of the best ps3 games of all time.

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