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15 Best Adventure Games for Android offline (2021)

Are you looking for some of the best Android Offline Adventure Games? In today’s digital world, many factors create tension while carrying out day-to-day activities. So to ease tension, games play an important role in the entertainment of children & teenagers. Which provides some sort of downtime, fun, and adventure in this busy world. In certain situations, playing games is the only option if you are a student to relieve stress after tons of work and study. Those days are gone where people used to go out and look for a place to play games or buy a board game. Today, with the ever-growing mobile trend and immense data bundles, people are more likely to play smartphone games but most games on the play store require an internet connection for you to play but to purchase an internet bundle for their games, students do not have much pocket money. In that scenario, they have to explore offline games that do not need an internet connection. In the offline genre, adventurous games are not impossible to discover.


Best Offline Adventure Games For Android:


  1. Limbo



Well, Limbo is one of the best offline Android adventure games focused on the theme of its essence, since it means the house of unbaptized infants’ souls. Here you will see a boy running away from the threats of the living world and attempting to rescue himself by using the tools offered for survival from potential agonies. Feel goosebumps when playing, as it is great for its dark theme, visuals, and background score. This is one of Android’s most demanding & challenging offline adventure games.

You can get Limbo on Google play store

  1. OceanHorn



This is an action-adventure game with a spectacular plot and visuals set in the ocean for offline play. It is a 10-hour game that is story-driven, which is good enough to keep you entertained when you are offline. It’s a clues-solving puzzle game where you battle monsters and use spells to find ancient artifacts. Get ready to cruise the sea with this best Android adventure game and enjoy the first chapter free of charge.


Enjoy the ride to the Kingdom of Arcadia and the OceanHorn giant with the premium edition. This is one of the best Google Play Store puzzle games available. Like Zelda, you get a feel of an open-world game, but you don’t quickly lose your sense of course. Explore the Uncharted Seas Reefs, a world full of many risks, mysteries, and secrets. And will assist you in your search. To solve the secrets of the ancient kingdom of Arcadia and sea creatures, use all your wits and skills to unravel them.

You can get OCEANHORN on Google Play Store


  1. Evoland




Evoland is a fantasy action game with a tradition of retro adventure and RPG games. The great thing about this game is that it does not have any advertisements and in-app purchases, and it is one of the 3d animated adventure games with awesome classic features such as pixelated graphics, in-depth controls, and many more.


When you play the game, you can unlock new technology and improve graphics along the journey. You can know like you are a part of it by playing the game. A brilliant way to get you to play and look for treasure chests. This is one of the best Android adventure games below 50Mb.


You can get Evoland on Google Play Store


  1. Grand Mountain Adventure



One of the best and most exciting adventure games on my list is Grand Mountain Adventure. It’s a skiing game with a great deal of fun and excitement. Racing and looking for various elements are part of the game. Contestants ski through numerous snowy, hilly tracks throughout the video. The map is a big one. Wherever you like, you can wander and search for important things. In the game, there is also a Time Mode in which you must beat time. There are secret regions and online leader boards along with it.

You can get Grand Mountain Adventure on Google Play store


  1. Swordigo




This game is all about a trip through the mysteries and cities of magic. Swordigo is a gorgeous 3D platformer with beautiful characters and solid controls and is a free offline action-adventure game for Android, where you have to sprint & jump to win while swiping the obstacles and enemies off. To level up your character, certainly, one of the best offline adventure games for Android, discover new weapons and strong spells for survival along the journey and earn experience points.

You can get Swordigo on Google Play Store


  1. Iron Blade: Medieval Legends RPG




This action-adventure RPG game for Android is one of Gameloft’s finest creations. The tale is set in medieval Europe, where war, discord, and sorcery all are. It’s a fantasy game that needs the plot to take over control. Pick up the big guns and get ready with armor to battle the wicked army of bosses on the journey. A great way to experience adventure than to gamble your life in real life is this RPG game for Android.

You can get Ironblade on Google Play Store


  1. Oddmar



Oddmar is a colorful adventure game produced by Leo’s Wealth. You are a striving Viking during the game and your goal is to rekindle your honor. Our quest has to serve this single goal. If the game is completely downloaded, you can play the Offline version. A total of 24 levels are in the game. If you’re going to complete them all then you win the game.


You can get Oddmar on Google Play Store


  1. Crossy Road



Crossy Road is, as its name suggests, a non-stop arcade game. It includes various characteristics that have won the hearts of enthusiasts of the game. This game was developed by Hesper-whale and released in 2014.


It is indeed the most popular and best offline android adventure game ever, which has set a record with more than 10 million game lovers worldwide.


You can get it Crossy roads on Google Play Store


  1. Death City: Zombie Invasion



Show your reflexes, mental strategies, and abilities in this Android zombie game. The story of the game begins with P town, where a virus has broken out and the entire town is mutated and infected with the virus. You pull up your gun to save your city and for the sake of people and leave for the war with zombies, where you promise to kill each of them until you wipe the city clean, despite the dangerous and terrifying challenges. With this application, without the internet, you can play adventure games on Android.


You can get Death city on Google Play Store



  1. Counter Terrorist- Modern Critical Strike Ops 3D


Counter Terrorist is an action game involving shooting. During the game, you behave as the elite sniper of a special forces squad. In this game, your shooting skills will certainly be tested. To score more points, fire more opponents. In either situation, be the best gunman. According to each setting, select the most fitting firearm. In this game, you can become a star shooter. A broad variety of weapons is available. Including rifles, guns, shotguns, grenades, and more.


You can get Counter-Terrorist on Google Play Store



  1. Jungle Adventures 2



Join the jungle adventure world. On Android, this is a free action-adventure game to enjoy offline, where you need to battle awesome bosses to keep going forward in the game. The tale begins when a mischievous wizard, who has taken all the fruits to become invincible, attacks the Fruity Forest. Addu, a fearless hunter, and his pet Bullion have reached the forest to restore all the fruits in order to save the jungle.


You can get Jungle Adventure on Google Play Store


  1. Banner Saga 2



Banner Saga 2 is an outstanding continuation of the first part of the plot. In Banner Saga 2, the new mechanics introduced to strengthen the already excellent gameplay and it really lets you worry about your plan in combat. Banner Saga 2 is an award-winning story. The emotional journey into a breaking universe is continued by the epic award-winning story-based role-playing game.


On the verge of ruin, lead your Viking clans through hostile territory. Make brave leadership choices, strategically handle capital, and skillfully strike in combat to live in the rugged wild for another day.

You can get banner saga 2 on Google Play Store



  1. Knights of Pen and Paper 2



Knights of Pen & Paper 2 is a turn-based, retro-style, pixel-art adventure full of risk, suspense, and semi-appropriate cultural references. Before beginning the game, the players represent the game master playing a tabletop RPG. The 10-floor dungeon features a campaign as a ghostly figure arrives inside and unveils its secrets. They assemble the obstacles they will encounter. At the top, a boss battle of wild proportions awaits. How long is it likely to survive?

You can get knights of pen and paper 2 on Google Play Store


  1. Alto’s Odyssey



This is a wonderful offline game and when you have poor or no internet connectivity, this offline game has fantastic graphics and helps you to enjoy it. It’s the successor to Alto’s Adventure, but it’s a standalone game that works. It is easy to comprehend but to become advanced takes abilities. Combos need to be chained together and 180 targets in the game completed.


The visuals are magnificent and in the game, you can see vines, dunes, canyons, temples, and many other wonderful locations. Join Alto and his group of friends on a sandboard during their trip. You should stop and take pictures of the landscape around you as well.

You can get alto’s odyssey on Google Play Store


  1. Swamp Attack


Swamp Assault quickly scaled the charts with over a hundred million downloads.

The aim of a game is easy. A bunch of nuts animals are coming to your place, and you’ve got to stop them at all costs.

Come up with a tactic! Shooting weapons. Beat the creatures. Survive the onslaught and defend your house. The evil monsters can know no mercy, so every single monster is a fun challenge, so you can defeat them all!

Apply some fun effects to the scene and more than 30 warped guns, and you’ve got a great time-killing game. Tap the screen to fire or drag the bombs to dump them on the mutants.

You can get swamp attack on Google Play Store


Wrapping Up

Adventure is a beautiful experience in which you sense excitement flowing into your bodies. Some of the greatest encounters that make you feel fired up, an experience that needs a great deal of strength, danger, and bravery.


This is the Android list of the best offline adventure games. Download your favorite from the list of free Android action-adventure games and get ready to taste the boost like never before.


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