8 Best Keyboard Apps for Android

Best Android Keyboard Apps

The fact that you can install new applications that override the default device apps is one of the benefits of using Android as your mobile operating system. You can change the look and feel of the keyboard seamlessly with just a few simple steps. Google Play Store has a variety of keyboard applications available. You don’t have to stick with the pre-installed keyboard that comes with your Android device. Here are some of the best keyboard apps for Android that you can find and download.

1. Swiftkey

swiftkey best andriod keyboard app

Not only is Swiftkey one of the most popular keyboard apps for Android, but in general, it is definitely one of the most popular Android apps. It’s been around for a long time and it just keeps improving. Swiftkey has outstanding forecasts and autocorrects, multiple themes to select from, customization options, and account sync. It is a keyboard that knows the style of your writing, so you can write more easily.

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2. Gboard

best keyboard apps for android

Google has an official app for everything, so it’s no surprise they have a keyboard app. Gboard is simple and very fast. It doesn’t have a ton of features like some other keyboard apps, but that’s what people like about it. Gboard offers themes and customization options, autocomplete engine, multilingual typing, gesture typing, voice typing, and even next-word predictions.

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3. Hacker’s Keyboard

Hacker's keyboard best android keyboard apps

If you can not get used to any other layout of the keyboard other than your PC’s. Then, with Hacker’s Keyboard app, you can go back to the device layout. The biggest attraction of this app is that, without the need to switch between letters, numbers, and punctuation, it displays everything on one screen. Only some applications understand special keys, such as ALT or CTRL. To make it a versatile keyboard, it supports various configurations with colorful themes in the settings.

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4. Fleksy

best keyboard apps for android

Fleksy is one of the fastest keyboard apps for android. It has excellent auto-correct, tons of handy extensions, and gestures. Hundreds of FREE themes, millions of GIFs, and thousands of stickers, with a full & complete emoji keyboard.

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5. GO Keyboard Lite

Go Keyboard is an Android keyboard app developed by the same team that is behind the famous Go Launcher. This Keyboard should be a choice to explore if you are looking for a highly customizable keyboard app for your Android device, as it allows you to choose from over 100 themes and templates, and it also allows you to modify the height, backdrop, and picture of the keyboard.

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6. Chrooma

Chrooma is a very vibrant keyboard, as the name suggests. The coolest innovation is the keyboard’s ability to adjust color depending on the app that you’re using. It fits in as well and looks fantastic. It is also lightweight and very fast, plus for emoji, numbers, and suggestions you can use an extra row. It’s very similar both in usability and style to Google Keyboard. But it comes filled with a lot of customizations, such as a thumb-typing split mode, night mode, and normal emoji, not those nasty Android ones. It also comes with a feature for grammar checking.

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7. Ginger Keyboard

For any kind of keyboard user, Ginger Keyboard has something for you. It has emoji, stickers, themes, and GIFs. Ginger uses AI to evaluate text and learn the writing tendencies on top of all that. When you use it often, the keyboard progressively gets smarter. Games are another thing the Ginger Keyboard has that you won’t find on many other keyboards. Without ever leaving the app you’re in, you can play classics like Snake or something a little modern, such as 2048. Ginger is most definitely one of the best keyboard apps for android.

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8. Grammarly Keyboard

best keyboard apps for android

Grammar is an online tool that tests your grammar in every text area in your browser when you write. When typing emails or writing on documents, it is eerily precise and helps give you peace of mind.

With Grammar Keyboard, what you get is the normal service bundled on your phone into a tidy box. It fits for most applications and text areas, but gesture typing and other fun stuff such as GIF support and deep customization will be abandoned.

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Given the overwhelming amount of apps found on Google’s Play store when looking for the best keyboard app for Android, it can be said that when choosing which keyboard app is the best, personal preference plays a major part.

If we missed any keyboard apps that you feel should be on the list please let us know down below in the comment section.

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