15 Best Anime for Beginners in 2021

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Anime has become incredibly popular all over the world, but there are a plethora of anime series out there which can overwhelm beginners who are just diving into the anime world Via several online streaming platforms, such as Hulu, Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, etc., subtitled versions and English voice-overs are available worldwide.

It can be extremely hard for new viewers of the genre to really start watching, considering the fact that anime is one of the most common types of entertainment in the world. This is largely due to the fact that with some also comprising of over a thousand episodes, the most famous anime appears to be extremely long.

As a result, a good anime series should be comparatively short (at least at the time of writing), enabling new viewers to quickly keep up with the story without the overwhelming and tiring challenge of viewing over a thousand episodes. So here are the 15 best anime for beginners!

1. One Punch Man

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For anime newcomers, One Punch Man, one of the most popular anime, particularly among foreign anime fans, is great. The action and comedy anime is based on the manga that began to be released in 2009 and with more than 20 volumes serialized.

Since being the focus of a highly successful anime adaptation, with the anime itself spawning its own video game, it finally took over the world. The series follows Saitama, a man who has conditioned his body to such a degree that with one punch he is able to kill enemies.

Its is a hero and anime combat genre and with its content, it is absolutely brilliant. One Punch Man is also relatively short, making it a good series to catch up with.

2. Demon Slayer: Kimestu no Yaiba

Demon slayer is set at the end of the Meiji Restoration, Demon Slayer is set in early 20th century Japan where humans and demons live in the same society and featuring a sword-wielding hero cutting down demons.

Having premiered in 2019, Demon Slayer is indeed a very new anime, but it has already made such a massive impact, and for a very good cause.

The plot follows a young boy named Tanjiro, who returns home to find out a demon slaughtered his mountain-dwelling family and has turned his sister Nezuko into a demon herself. Tanjiro trains under a demon slayer to become one himself, looking to regain the humanity of his sister, before setting out on a demon quest through Japan.





3. My Hero Academia


My Hero Academy is one of the most popular anime and manga series in the world right now. Although the best shounen anime of the 90s was Dragon Ball Z, and Naruto was the biggest of the 2000s, My Hero Academia is today’s crown shounen anime. It is understandable that a lot of new anime fans would like to begin with new trends, and My Hero Academia is the best anime for beginners to that end.

The series is set in a world in which about 80% of the population possesses superpowers, or quirks as the anime refers to them which ultimately leads to a hero/villain culture.

The series follows Izuku Midoriya, a young man who is given the quirk of the Number one hero All Might and enters Japan’s most prestigious hero academy, UA.

4. Death Note

Death Note is a popular and highly influential series that is great for beginners because of its convincing and interesting storyline. The Death Note follows Yagami Light, a high school student who finds a Death Note at his school. This Notebook gives Yagami the powers of a shinigami(Death God), with Yagami using his power to enforce vigilante justice, to destroy anyone whose name he writes in the book.

Eventually, Yagami’s actions put him into a confrontation with the law. The police officers enlist the help of an enigmatic detective known as L to help them catch the murderer known as Kira(Light).

5. Dr. Stone

Senku in his lab

Here is another animation series for education. The first season of Dr. Stone is 24 episodes and the second season is coming out sometime this year. The plot follows a dark stream of energies that converted all humans into stone statues, and 3,700 years later, Senku Ishigami, the clever teenager, awakens from his stony silence.

He’s in a new Stone Age, and he’s trying to restore it back to the modern world with the strength of technology and confidence in the human race, one rediscovered innovation at a time. He is the kind of person in a 200,000 BC-style environment that makes a working generator. Dr. Stone is certainly one of the best anime for beginners you should watch.

6. Parasyte

Perhaps one of the most underestimated anime of the past decade is Parasyte the Maxim. Based on a collection of classic manga from the 90s. For anyone looking to watch an eccentric or bizarre anime then parasyte should be at the top of your list. It is renowned for the original popular manga released from 1988 to 1995 and its anime adaptation, known as Parasyte-the maxim, aired in 2014-2015 with 24 episodes.

Worm-like beings, come to the world in the sci-fi horror anime and parasitize human brains. The humans that the monsters parasitize go berserk and have the ability to destroy others. A parasite threatens the protagonist, Shinichi Izumi, who is a 17-year-old high school student but stops it from residing in his brain. The parasite is stuck in his right hand instead. In comparison to how logical parasites are the anime shows how subjective human beings are.

7. Cowboy Bebop

If you’re just easing into the anime community Cowboy Bebop is one of the best anime for beginners. The action sci-fi anime of just one season (26 episodes) is easy to watch until the end. The setting of the anime is the space in 2071, where bounty hunters like Spike Spiegel and Jet Black battle against criminals.

Cowboy Bebop is one of the most popular and important anime of all time enjoyed by foreign people. Cowboy Bebop is basically a Wild West story that is set in space and bringing together a group of mismatched characters on journeys through space, drawing influence from western imagery and legends.

The show lasted only for a season and a movie, but in the years since its debut, it has remained successful. If you’re looking to start watching anime, this anime will be perfect for you.

8. Erased

Erased was originally produced between 2012 and 2016 as a manga with 9 volumes and transformed in 2016 as an anime with 12 series. For those who like novels and comic books with a mystery theme, this is recommended.

The setting is Japan’s fictional Tokyo and Hokkaido. Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old manga artist who is less popular, is the main character. He also has an unusual ability known as “Revival,” which allows him to go back and forth in time in spite of his desires. However, Satoru returns to his childhood past after a killing in his present brings back lost memories of his childhood. The plot tracks him attempting to keep the Revival from encountering events around him.

9. Jujutsu Kaisen

Strong and smooth animation, epic battle scenes, fantastic openings, quirky dialogue, simple story to follow, amusing characters with exaggerated yet enjoyable faces, etc., are the best of them. JUJUTSU KAISEN displayed all those attributes, suggesting we could be watching the next hit shonen.

The plot follows a young boy named Itadori Yuuji who eats a cursed finger and is possessed by a cursed spirit named Sukuna however Itadori is able to keep Sukuna under control and the two of them form an unusual bond. It is a wonderful anime with an interesting storyline it is one of the best anime for beginners that I’ll recommend you watch.

10. Attack on Titan

Because of its amazing first season, Attack On Titan is one of the most famous, with many referring to it as anime’s Game of Thrones due to its violent and graphic storyline. The series is set in an apocalyptic world in which in order to keep out the Titans, who are these giant beings who prey on people, mankind hides behind a walled city.

The show has some of the most convincing mysteries and exciting anime action scenes of the last few years, which ensures that any potential anime fans are guaranteed to be hooked. It is one of the best anime for beginners.

11. Vinland Saga

thorfinn versus thorkell

Adapted from the iconic historical fiction manga series by Makoto Yukimura, Vinland Saga tells the journey of the famed Icelandic adventurer Thorfinn Karlsefni as he embarks on a dangerous mission to avenge his father’s death.

Initially set in the year 1002 A.D., the series tells the story of Thorfinn from adolescence to adulthood, maturing into a harsh, ruthless warrior from a lighthearted boy before eventually fleeing alongside Leif Erikson to colonize North America.

Vinland Saga is an extreme and captivating fictionalized portrayal of an interesting, but under-discussed, chapter of European history: the Vikings, taking elements from real-life historical accounts. A resolutely humanist message of anti-violence and pro-human decency pulses beneath the heart-pounding action and spectacular animation, with Thorfinn’s father Thors imparting him with the life lesson that every human being is battling a hard war and that no one is really his enemy.

12. Tower of God(Kami no Tou)

kami no tou

Tower of God was, and with good cause, one of the most talked-about anime in 2020. The series is an anime adaptation of the online ‘manhwa’ (Korean for ‘comic’) by artist S.I.U., a partnership between Crunchyroll and digital comic publisher Webtoon, and the latest in Crunchyroll’s recent effort to create its own original anime content.

Bam, an amnesiac teenager who is mysteriously teleported into the eponymous Tower of God, follows the series, a metaphysical system that supposedly covers the whole universe and is built to grant enormous powers to anyone who can achieve their heights.

Bam must surround himself with friends on his quest to enter the tower’s top in search of his beloved friend Rachel, in order to conquer the dangerous trials of the Tower and even deadlier adversaries. Tower of God, a majestic fantasy-adventure with rich characters, deep mythology, and gorgeous animation would please those hungry for a new binge-worthy anime shonen series.

13. Darwin’s Game

darwins game

Darwin’s game is one of the best anime for beginners the plot focuses on 17-year-old Kaname Sudō, who is plunged into a deadly supernatural bloodsport known only as Darwin’s Game, after accepting a strange invitation from a recently deceased friend.

Kaname must rely on his wits and will to survive while looking for a means to escape this living hell, pitted against a gang of sociopaths and with no way to get support from the outside world.

The 11-episode season, produced by studio Nexus, is entirely penned by series author Yuki Takahata, resulting in an adaptation that is a close one-to-one match with the source material. Darwin’s Game is a solid choice if you’re looking for a taut action sequence of extreme mystery drama.

14. The Promised Neverland

promised neverland

Eleven-year-old Emma and her best friends, Norman and Ray, three of the 37 orphaned children living on a mysterious walled estate called Grace Field House, Under the watchful eye of their caretaker, simply known as Mum, the kids are offered the best life can bring. Gourmet dinners, fluffy chairs, immaculate white outfits, and enough time to play as they wait for a caring family to adopt them one day.

However, as Emma and Co. come across a hidden mystery that underlies the very life of the Building, the calm idyllic nature of Grace Field is quickly broken. Horrified by their discovery, the three conspire to flee into the outer world with the remaining ones, while the machinations of both their caretaker and the enigmatic benefactors of Grace Sector advance slowly to completion. The Promised Neverland is an engrossing adventure thriller with deft animation with an interesting plot.

15. Fire Force

fire force

The planet is besieged by a strange outbreak of spontaneous human combustion in our own parallel steampunk universe, converting otherwise mild-mannered humans into ghoulish inhuman beings known as ‘ Infernals’.

Shinra Kusakabe, a third-generation pyrokinetic with ambitions to become a fire-fighting hero, enlists as a Special Fire Service rookie firefighter, a semi-religious pyrokinetic with aspirations to become a fire-fighting hero, Fire Force is one of the most visually stunning and distinctive shonen series of 2020 with firmly made history layouts, thrilling battle scenes, and mischievous sense of fourth wall-prodding humor

Wrapping up

Anime has been growing increasingly popular over the last few years and as a beginner, you might get overwhelmed with which series to start with, So we compiled a list of best anime for beginners. With no prior anime knowledge needed, they are all easy to hop into and enjoy instantly. All are stunning, enjoyable, well-directed, and well-written. And they are all anime that are popular within the anime community as a whole, meaning you won’t feel out of place when talking about them. Whether classic or contemporary, they’re beloved and influential. So, wherever you want to start, I hope it’s fun for you! and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section below






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