Best Anime Streaming Sites

Best anime streaming sites


You’ve all heard of Naruto, right? As they foster topics such as friendship, healthy friendships, family time, social order, and cooperation, Anime has proved to be a fruitful way of spending time for children under the age of twelve, and as a means of escape for the older generations. Many free anime websites are now available for viewing thanks to the skyrocketing success of anime series. Anime isn’t confined to Japanese markets today. Today, anime has massive fan bases around the globe, especially in the United States and European nations. But most series are available online only.
Therefore, we checked a number of declared best anime streaming sites in this article and eventually came up with the 10 best anime streaming sites for 2020. On PC, Android, and iOS devices.

1. Crunchyroll

Crunchyroll is a free anime website for some of the best animes, such as God of High School, Attack on Titan, Jujutsu Kaisen, etc. It has an easy to use interface and hosts a large selection of dramas, anime, and even manga.


⦁ It is possible to search for any anime series by categories such as genre, seasons, or popularity.
⦁ Simple user interface.
⦁ Reviews can be added to the animation series you have watched.

2. Kissanime

In all genres, such as Shounen, Slice of Life, fantasy, action, satire, military, and much more, Kissanime is one of the best anime streaming websites. You can stream or download any anime online for free on Kissanime and watch it later if you don’t have an active Internet connection. And Kissanime delivers free anime from 240p to 1080p.

It offers a lot of animations and organizes the new anime on the homepage. Users will choose their favorite anime-type at the top of the homepage.

Navigate to the site’s anime list and you’ll see arranged videos by type. You will be taken to the video page by clicking on the anime name on the menu.


⦁ Offers ongoing and completed anime.
⦁ Offers anime series in sub and dub
⦁ Incredible video loading speed and
⦁ You can also choose the video quality

3. GoGoAnime


For you to watch online for free, GogoAnime offers several top animes. This anime website shows you the recent releases of the season’s newest anime. It offers anime videos and movies of high quality in sub, dub and you can also stream Chinese animations.

In addition, the site has a segment where you can watch high-quality animated films at any time. If you love watching anime, one of the best anime streaming sites that you need to visit is GogoAnime.


⦁ Easy navigation
⦁ Using this free anime website, you can watch an ongoing and completed series.
⦁ You can filter or search for anime by day, week, or month.

4. 9Anime

9anime is one of the popular websites for anime that can download much of the content in high-quality 1080p. For anime shows as well as movies that only deliver the highest quality content.   The platform is special since the release schedule for upcoming anime series is seen in that section of it.

It also has a function that allows users to request anime to include subbed and dubbed versions of any anime on this platform without registering or paying for them from an existing catalog of series.


⦁ Free subbed/dubbed versions of anime are available
⦁ Videos are displayed in high quality
⦁ The release schedule for the upcoming anime series is displayed






5. AnimeHeaven

On this list of top streaming sites for anime, AnimeHeaven is absolutely free. All the famous anime shows, new series, cartoons, and movies are going to get to you.

So if you’re searching for a website that can not only download but also watch the footage, Anime Heaven is the best option for you.


⦁ It has a mobile-friendly interface to watch anime series on mobile phones.
⦁ It doesn’t display ads when watching videos
⦁ You can download anime series.

6. MyAnimeList

My anime list

MyAnimeList claims to have the biggest database of anime and manga. It is another fantastic free streaming platform for anime without ads. Because of its user interface, the site is very popular with users. It includes multiple tabs to help users search for their favorite anime series quickly.

It is a social networking forum for anime. Before beginning a new anime season, you can read feedback from other users. You will also meet individuals with the same preferences as you and join a fan club. You can build lists of anime series you are going to watch, as the name suggests.


⦁ You may add reviews or read them.
⦁ Establish clubs for individuals with common interests
⦁ You can launch a debate about favorite anime topics

7. Chia-anime



Chia anime is one of the popular websites for anime that helps you to quickly discover and watch the new and all-time favorite anime series. It is a platform to find high-quality anime series to watch.


⦁ It offers a genre list for magic, mecha, fantasy, action, etc. for advanced search
⦁ Fast video loading
⦁ You can download anime series or movies for offline viewing
⦁ Dubbed/Subbed versions available

8. Animelab

AnimeLab is a free anime website popular for the new episodes aired in Japan being easily available. That is, after 1 hour of broadcasting, it will be visible on the website. With its neat categories such as recently introduced, popular series, genre, etc it makes it extremely simple to scan for the desired anime.

For Animelab, there is a premium edition that can be preferred if you choose to get rid of ads and prefer Dubbed versions over subbed.


It is mobile-friendly you can watch movies and shows from Android and iOS devices.
You can enjoy subbed and dubbed versions.
You receive fast updates.

9. Animefreak

AnimeFreak is a wonderful anime website where you can find the newest releases of anime, the latest episodes of regularly viewed anime and anime movies, and the latest chapters of the manga you are reading. You will use the website’s alphabetical list feature to easily search the website.

By using the alphabet list function of the site, you can search the site easily. You can select from the different genres available on the web if you are looking for a new anime to watch. This place is great for an otaku that wants to watch anime.


⦁ You have the option of creating your favorites anime list.
⦁ Manga is also available.
⦁ Easy to use interface.
⦁ It is regularly updated.

10. Anime Take


Anime Take has a large collection of anime series and movies online. With anime categorized as genre, popular, and movies, it is simple to access. This site of anime is as hassle-free as it comes.


⦁ Without having to go back, the next button allows the next anime to be switched to
⦁ Get notifications of the most recent updates
⦁ Get alerts about upcoming animated movies.


If you are a kid or an adult, watching anime online is an experience that no one can explain. As it brings you to a completely different world of peace and comfort, everybody loves watching anime. The top 10 best anime streaming platforms are listed above. Which is the one that you prefer? Please let us know in the comments section below if you have any other outstanding anime streaming services to recommend.





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