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10 Of The Best Guns in Call of Duty: Mobile

call of duty mobile best guns

In the last quarter of 2019, Call of Duty eventually became accessible on mobile devices. With notable battle royale games, such as Fortnite and PUBG, controlling two wide slices of the market, the series entered a market that almost looked spoken for. However, the classic multiplayer mode of the game and its robotic battle royale layout helped build its own player base, and CoD: Mobile quickly became a hit on all app stores and I’m sure the thought of Call Of Duty Mobile’s best guns has surely crossed your mind.

All Call Of Duty Mobile guns has something that distinguishes them from the rest of the armory, such as their damage, fire rate, or precision.

While a single weapon is hard to declare as the best because of variations between playstyles, some shine more than others. In this article, we have compiled a list of call of duty mobile best guns so that you can start ascending the ranks faster.


Best assault rifles:


Call of duty mobile best guns DR-H

Introduced in season eight, due to its high damage and accuracy, the DR-H quickly became one of the game’s best assault weapons. The medium fire rate of the weapon slightly undermines its close-range authority against some of the SMGs, but if you land the first shot, in any skirmish, you will almost always be victorious.

The OTM attachment further enhances the damage of the gun from 47, and each body shot inflicts the same damage to a headshot. If you’re struggling to land headshots, the combination of OTM/DR-H can be your boost in kills to top each lobby.


Call of Duty: Mobile best Guns Asm10

The ASM10 will appeal more to your needs than the DR-H, depending on your playing style. The ASM10 blends long-range precision with high damage, making it the ultimate sniper substitute with an itchy trigger finger for everyone.


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns Ak-47

At this point, the AK-47 is a timeless classic. Although guns are easier to manage, the sheer damage production of an AK-47 is difficult to beat. You will always know what you’re getting with it, and both in the near and long term, it will always continue to deliver the damage.



If you can control the AK-47’s recoil, because its high damage just shreds through everyone, it can easily transform into the best weapon in the game. It unlocks at level 23, which means it will be one of the first weapons in CODM that you will get your hands on. This is no doubt one of the call of duty mobile best guns you should definitely try it.

Best light machine guns:


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns M4LMG

Light machine guns are extremely situation-oriented. There will always be a weapon, more often than not, which will do what they do better. For close-range battles, do you need an LMG? Probably not, Select an SMG up. Do you need one for a long-range one? Go for an assault rifle then. But one thing that LMGs do best is to help you keep the killstreak running without reloading.

The enormous magazine sizes of LMG make it preferable for high-skilled players to dominate public matches. The high damage of 46 and precision of 61 caused by the M4LMG makes it the most accurate LMG in the game. The firing rate of 63 makes it easier for back-to-back shots and in a blink of an eye will help you take over an objective.


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns UL736

The UL736 looks like an AK-47 with a giant magazine scale when it unlocks a little later in the game at level 115. The UL736 has a lower rebound, unlike the AK-47, which is the key downside of the famous assault rifle. However, trade-offs have to be made, and the UL736 sacrifices versatility in return for its manageable recoil.

This means you’re going to need to better prepare your rotations because you’re not going to be able to run to the other side of the room like you do for any lightweight firearm. To make the UL736 more flexible, adding a stock to increase your movement speed would be ideal, and the gun shines especially in long to mid-range skirmishes.


Best shotguns:


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns KRM 262

There’s rarely the opportunity to get up in someone’s face in a game where fighting is often mid to long-range. In comparison to the other weapons, this makes shotguns very useless, but you can still style a match with the right option.

With the season three update, the KRM-262 became available, and it combines high damage with pleasant accuracy. You can expand the KRM’s range much more with the right attachments, improving your chance to kill in difficult circumstances. The expanded range of the weapon might not cover long distances, but you can still target someone from close to medium distances with one or two shots.


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns BY-15

The BY-15 is very similar to the KRM-262 in terms of stats. Essentially, it’s the pump variant of the game’s current best shotgun and unlocks earlier at level 30. It has a slightly worse accuracy and the fact that it’s a pump-shotgun decreases a good chunk of its medium-range performance.


You’ll want to rush into rooms or sit in corners and search for a clear chance for a guaranteed shot to land. Every blow from this shotgun is also connected to every enemy’s one-shot, making it a perfect option before the KRM-262 is unlocked. So shotguns are not something players often use but these are call of duty mobile best guns in the shotgun category.


Best submachine guns:


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns HG-40

The HG40 is one of the first submachine guns that you will have the opportunity to try. The HG40 was recently unlocked at level 13 and has become a force to be reckoned with overall buffs.

The weapon has a non-existent recoil and is highly effective up to a range of 25 meters. In long-range skirmishes, you might even squeeze more out of it if you tinker around with the accessories, but you should have this gun set for any kind of close-quarter scenario.

For an SMG at 40 and an accuracy of 62, it has relatively high damage, which is very hard to match.


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns QQ9

The HG40 brings a healthy balance to the table, but with a laser beam-like gun, it might not be enough for adrenaline addicts who want to run around.

The QQ9 is like the HG40’s doped-up version, but in return for its insanely high fire rate of 83, it sacrifices its precision. It is difficult to control this weapon, but if you can pull it off, it’s gratifying. If you figure out the weapon, the kill time is incredibly low, and its high agility makes it even simpler to rotate around the map personally this gun is my best submachine gun.


Best sniper rifles:


Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns Locus

Another group where the rivalry is at its lowest is sniper rifles. The Locus is hands-down, the game’s best long-range rifle. Any enemy can easily get a one-shot from the longest distance. Its damage ranges from 84 and 90 to ensure you don’t take misses.

Its accuracy of 70 compliments the other stats nicely and makes sure that no shots are missed. It also unlocks at level 28 very early in the game, which is always a bonus. With attachments, its damage, range and versatility can be further enhanced, making it the ultimate option for nearly all maps. When you hear a Locus shot fly between your ears, remember to duck as you may not be so lucky for the second shot. This alone puts it amongst the call of duty mobile best guns.

DL Q33

Call od Duty: Mobile Best Guns DLQ33

You can still wreak havoc as a sniper with the second-best alternate sharpshooter rifle, even though the Locus unlocks in the early stages of the game. From the moment they install CODM, the DL Q33 is available for players and it is almost as nice as the Locus.

The DL Q33 is a great tool for getting the hang of spinning as you level up by rocking 82 damage, just two less from Locus, and an accuracy of 62. For enhanced penetration against enemy armors, try combining this rifle with FMJ bullets, which further improves its bullet-to-kill ratio.

In conclusion, these are the Call Of Duty Mobile best guns according to their categories. If we missed any please let us know down below in the comment section.

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