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10 Best Indie Games for Android

7 of the best rpgs for android


They are well developed when it comes to the making and publication of games, which is a lot of budget, unlike the triple-A games originally known as the AAA games, but then indie games are games developed by an independent developer in a small group that lacks publishing and technical expertise while it is recognized for its entertainment and that’s why we’re talking about the best On Google Play, there are a plethora of indie games. So who’s got the time to check all the games to find the ones that really shine. Luckily, we did the dirty work for you here at Weeb Gamer and assembled a list of the ten best indie games on Android both free and paid.

1. Ailment

Ailment, by solo developer Ivan Panasenko, is a pixelated action game. Your character wakes up in the med bay, taking place deep in outer space, to discover his crewmates have become his enemies.

The only thing he recalls is coming from another starship where he had a rescue mission. But all the passengers on the ship were already dead when he landed. He’s got to remember what happened to him to figure this puzzle out.

When you discover the mystery at the core of the game’s storyline-why did your crew turn against you, you’ll have to battle your way through the eerie starship halls. You’ll pick up lots of cool guns along the way and even fight with a few allies.
Ailment is free to play

Get Ailment on Google Play Store

2. Limbo

After finding himself awake in an unfamiliar location, Limbo takes a journey of a young boy searching for his sister after his adventure is filled with scary monsters and stages that need you to think deeply.

Limbo uses a wide variety of game puzzles that range from merely pushing a box to puzzles with several components that usually do not disclose their mysteries until the player dies while attempting to solve it.

Simply brilliant the sound design is. The sound effects do a fine job of building the perfect atmosphere in which the players immerse themselves. It is one of the best indie games for android.

Limbo is $4.99 on Google Play Store

3. Chuchel

CHUCHEL is a comedy adventure game by the Machinarium, Botanicula, and Samorost developers. Join the hairy hero Chuchel in their attempt to rescue the precious cherry and face various puzzles and obstacles against his enemy Kekel.

In Chuchel, a new humorous adventure game, the first thing you do is to feed a green blob in a top hat some water. Give it more, and like a faucet, it will leak liquid right into the mouth of a weird fuzzy orange ball.

In turn, the ball will become so rotund that it will fall straight into the main character of the game, who has been idly dozing all the time in a cardboard box but finally awakens. It’s an absolute joy to play Chuchel.

This beautifully wacky story of an orange fuzzball attempting to recover stolen fruit brings to life superb sound and art direction and does it all without uttering or writing a single word.

Chuchel is $4.99 on Google Play Store

4. Alto’s Adventure

Alto’s Adventure, a spirited endless runner game, is a popular indie game produced by Noodlecake Studios for Android. The role of the Player is portrayed by Alto, a young shepherd trying to round up his escaping llamas. As you dodge hurdles, catch coins, and save llamas, snowboard your way into stunning landscapes.

One misstep, like most endless runner titles, and it is back to square one. However, while watching Alto’s Adventure’s stellar graphics, you won’t mind tripping over a rock or sliding down a chasm. Players can execute flips when airborne.

Success flips the points of a net player towards a respectable high score. You’ll unlock new playable characters in the campaign, each with his or her own strengths and weaknesses. With its breathtaking visuals and simplified but charming gameplay, Alto’s Adventure will surely captivate players. It is most definitely one of the best indie games for android.

Alto’s Adventure is free to play

Get Alto’s Adventure on Google Play Store

5. Terraria

Terraria is a 2D fantasy sandbox game where players discover, mine, and fight monsters. Terraria’s universe is created randomly, keeping the gameplay fresh over multiple playthroughs. A delightfully destructible universe is offered by this title. Tunnel into the world or top-side discovery.

The planet adheres to a day/night cycle above ground, with more dangerous animals venturing out in the dark. Terraria isn’t just about killing monsters. You are also going to build shelter, craft tools, and discover a wide universe of pixels. Develop villages and encourage NPCs to live in them by constructing houses for them.

There are thousands of things to find and craft, such as boomerangs, books of spells, and hooks for grappling. Terraria also provides a multi-player mode that allows nearby Wi-Fi for up to seven friends to play. It is an epic indie adventure game, often hailed as a 2D Minecraft, that will keep you hooked as you slay monsters, craft tools, and explore a magical 2D universe.

Terraria is $4.59 on Google Play Store

6. Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP

You can,t have a list of the best indie games for android and not include Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery. It was developed by Noodlecake Studios for Android, is a unique fantasy adventure title. In a quest to retrieve a legendary tome in order to combat ancient magic required to defeat a strong evil power, players take on the identity of a Scythian warrior.

Rather than slow down gameplay with repetitive cutscenes, Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery provides the plot of the game through the internal monologue of the main character. You can use spells to solve puzzles in the game. Puzzles appear to be abstract and help to pull players deeper into the game world, but not excessively difficult.

Each of the chapters of the game is bound to the moon in a stroke of brilliant originality and takes a whole lunar period to complete Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery also provides simple and persuasive fights. Players would enjoy the environmentally stunning 8-bit graphics and flowing music soundtrack.

Superbrothers Sword & Sworcery EP Is $4.99 on Google Play Store

7. Sky: Children of the Light

Thatgamecompany’s Sky: Children of the Light is a special roleplaying game set in an enchanting world. Players are challenged with bringing hope to a bleak world as a Child of the Light. Throughout the world, you can use your torch to light beacons. Both on foot and by gliding across the clouds, players can discover a breathtaking world.

Sky: Children of the Light is a calming adventure that emphasizes teamwork. The game invites players to socialize, solve puzzles and discover treasures, as well as team up with free spirits. For in-game contact, players may use gestures.

In order to finish, many of the games’ puzzles involve several players. Sky: Children of the Light is a beautiful gem that shows that to captivate fans, games don’t need brutality.

Sky: Children of the Light is free to play on Google Play Store

8. Nobodies

Countless games drop a firearm in your hands and set you out to kill people. But have you ever considered who is cleaning up this carnage? Nobodies: Murder Cleaner, Blyts’s puzzle game, tasks players with sweeping up the scenes of the crime.

This isn’t the typical point and click puzzle game. Nobodies: Murder Cleaner needs a stealthy strategy for players to use. If you’re not vigilant, witnesses will call the police while disposing of evidence and you’ll have to start the level all over again. The game includes exciting and original puzzles brought to life by breathtaking worlds drawn by hand.

Nobodies: Murder Cleaner is free to play on Google Play Store




9. BAIKOH: Words & Brain Challenges

You have to shape words by dropping blocks of letters in this puzzle game, with the longer and more complicated words earning you the most points. When you level up in Baikoh WORDS, you’ll get access to better power-ups to clear more words and letters. Test your skills in online games.

Baikoh words is free to play on Google Play Store




As this game encourages players to slide tiles so that you come across odd numbers of the same type slide into each other to get a score the same as the same numbers as it helps to exercise your fingers while watching and having fun, Threes is a little puzzle game that grows on you.

Well a small group of individual developers, consisting of an artist, illustrator, and composer under the name sirvo, created this piece.

Three is $1.99 on Google Play Store


It’s been a stellar year for indie games, one where almost every title has delighted and surprised us. These games went above and beyond to become our best indie games for android 2020. Feel free to share your thoughts down below in the comment section.

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