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20 Best Online Multiplayer Games For Android and IOS (2021)

pubg mobile

What are the best games for Android? On iPhones or iPads, what are the best iOS games to play? It has been progressing with every passing day since the start of online gaming. There was a time when games tolerated only one player at a time. After, technology made it possible to play on the same device with several players.

Then Xbox and PlayStation were released with multiplayer modes, which made gaming more enjoyable.

From PlayStation to computers and now our cell phones, online games have massively developed. With so many multiplayer smartphone games, Below are 20 of the best online multiplayer games.

1.PUBG mobile – Mad Miramar

pubg mobile

PUBG Mobile for Android and iOS, If you are a fan of shooting sports, it’s one of the leading online multiplayer games to consider. The game features 100 players simultaneously falling from a mountain to pick their weapons and start battling each other until only one fighter remains.

There are three different modes available for PUBG Mobile: solo, duo, and squad mode. You can team up with friends to fight against other fighters using these modes.

2. Clash Royale

clash royale

The utter achievement of Clash Royale, by Supercell, could not be ignored. Released in 2016, for either iOS or Android, we consider this the best.

This combines strategy with card games in a simple formula, consisting of summoning Clash of Clans creatures with the intention of destroying the tower of the enemy king at the same time as defending your own.


3. Fortnite

fortnite mobile

Similar to PUBG, Fortnite is another game that offers great times for players to enjoy. However, since it is more interesting than other online games, Fortnite is a little different.

The game introduces new functions every week for players to enjoy. But unfortunately, Apple and Google removed “Fortnite” from the App Store and Google Play, respectively, after Epic Games announced a new in-game payment scheme that would circumvent the 30 percent charge needed by some publishers to pay in-app sales to businesses.


4. The Battles of Summoner

Summoner’s Wars is one of the greatest and most successful multiplayer mobile games out there. You will gather a variety of different creatures in the game and use them to form teams to battle your rivals, who will, of course, be other players. It’s incredibly enjoyable and simple, but it also provides a nice selection of activities that make it interesting at all times.


You won’t be disappointed in Summoner’s Wars if you were after an alternative that combines the concept of gathering various kinds of summons and strategically creating them to battle.




5.  Asphalt 9: legends

It’s the new iteration of the Asphalt series from Gameloft. The awesome car action racing game, compared to Asphalt 8: Airborne, features incredible visuals, excellent hypercar collections, as well as fascinating new locations. Choose between single and multiplayer features and switch to smart or manual controls.

You can customize your ride. The very first club race feature, which allows you to build your own group of like-minded racers, is a notable improvement. Undoubtedly, the latest Asphalt installment is among the best mobile games on Android and iOS devices that you can enjoy.



6. Last day on earth: survival

last day on earth survival

This is a game where you battle in a city overrun with zombies to survive. The game is centered around a town that is primarily affected by a wretched virus.

A majority of the city population die and as a survivor, as you walk by shooting at them, you are battling against walking dead zombies. In the game, the opportunity to build your own weapons is also offered to you.



7. Hearthstone: Heroes of Warcraft

heartstone: heroes of warcraft

One of the most talked-about and most challenging among the best online mobile multiplayer games, is inspired by World of Warcraft. It is a card game featuring RPG franchise characters and real-time strategy.


The player must pick a hero to play on the game table in one-on-one duels and use cards to summon monsters, cast spells, and set traps for their enemies, all with the intention of reducing their life or card number to zero. Another advantage of this game is that the broad community



8. Mortal Kombat 11:

mortal kombat 11

It is one of the ancient games of battle that every year sees great changes. While you might prefer the famous Tekken game, if given a test, you will also love this game. It helps you to fight against other teams. If you have played it on a console before, you can now enjoy Mortal Kombat 11 on your Android and iOS phone.



9. Minecraft:  Pocket edition


Minecraft’s cube-filled universe can also be a great multiplayer experience. The Minecraft Realms service allows a person to open a server to welcome other fans of the game in their world in order to build or destroy! Although the game itself does not really have a multiplayer mode (In a collective)



10. Modern Combat 5: FPS eSports

Modern Combat 5: FPS eSports is sometimes referred to as the’ Call of Duty of mobile devices’, a worthy title, as one of the best and most conventional mobile multiplayer games.


With impressive graphics, a single-player campaign mode, and simultaneous multiplayer matches without AI enemies, the game brings rapid FPS shooting.


11. Garena free fire

garena: free fire

Free Fire, one of the most successful FPS and Battle Royale games on mobile devices, couldn’t just be ignored on this list. It’s a Battle Royale that brings up to 50 players on an island where the last survivor wins, battling each other.


Alternatively, you can build teams of up to four players for your mates to play as a team.




12. Call of duty Mobile

call of duty mobile

Call of Duty has long been around on the console and has gained prominence since then. But it was announced recently for smartphone devices. You can’t afford to miss the smartphone experience of the CoD series, like other fighting games. Call of Duty Mobile is certainly one of the best online mobile games that you should have.



13.  Clash of Clans

clash of clans

Of course, we couldn’t talk about clash Royals without mentioning clash of clans. Supercell’s first major hit was influenced by Norse mythology to create one of the best online strategy games for mobile multiplayer, but without taking itself too seriously. The characters, in both their designs and in their animations, are very comical.


The game enables you to join other players in setting up attacks against enemy positions, making it very interactive.



14. Arcane legends

arcane legends

This could be one of the best choices on the mobile multiplayer game list if you’re a fan of MMO games such as World of Warcraft and Ragnarok online.

The game was for consoles before it was later made accessible as a Mobile Multiplayer Online (MMO-Action RPG) on android devices and iOS devices. In the game, you go in search of valuable objects through many vaults. You come across useful animals in your journey and you mingle with them later as colleagues.



15. Chess Time

chess time

This is an ancient game that you want to give yourself a trial. Almost every board game lover would have played or come across a chessboard game at least.

The chance to play a chess game is now available on your Android and iOS computers. To enjoy the moves, you are able to communicate with other chess players around the world and see who has the greatest mind.



16. Mini Militia: Doodle Army

mini militia

You are able to meet with 6 to 10 other players around the world with this 2D game on your mobile device to enjoy the Doodle Army 2’s fantastic multiplayer action battle futures. It also has online for offline connection and lots of interesting ammunition


17. FIFA Soccer


If you are a football enthusiast, you should consider the new EA Sports FIFA Soccer multiplayer game on your mobile device. FIFA Soccer helps you to handle. From the world’s biggest leagues, you can select from over 550 teams, build your ultimate teams and challenge your mates. In the sports category, the game is among the best mobile games on iOS and Android.

18. NBA jam

nba jam mobile

NBA Jam For Android & iOS

Are you a basketball lover? Then this game is one that you should have on your mobile device. This is intended for those not content with shooting sports.

You can make basic basketball moves with EA Sports’ NBA Jam, such as high-flying and crazy dunks. To enjoy the great future of this arcade basketball game with other players from around the world, you do not necessarily need to have basketball skills.

19. Dungeon Hunter 5

dungeon hunter 5

Dragon Hunter 5 is another very iconic mobile game series, with stages packed with action in a very similar way to Arcane Legends, albeit without such a large variety as a fictional globe shared by thousands of players.


In another vein, in the game, which has around 69 quests, the player can work with up to three other individuals to conquer dungeons and several other environments.


The game also has a mode that enables other players to explore and conquer the development of your own dungeon.


20. Shadowgun

Shadowgun: Deadzone is one of the Modern Fighting alternatives you really should think of, an option for those who are seeking an experience more fictitious than actual military operations.


Some of the most popular and classic shooting games, such as Doom and Wolfenstein, strongly influence Shadowgun, bringing modern and fictional weapons in two battle modes: the well-known deathmatch and the King of the Hill.


Wrapping Up

Mobile devices are becoming more dominant with each passing year and mobile gamers are not left behind. All thanks to the likes of Epic, Gameloft, EA Sports, and other great brands that allow us to have their games on Android and iOS devices.


Finally, for Android and iPhone gamers, please share your thoughts on our best online multiplayer games. From time to time, we’ll keep this post updated, so feel free to come back once in a while.



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