10 Best PSP Emulators on Android 2021

best psp emlators on android

The PlayStation portable was one of the greatest handheld consoles of all time giving us access to a plethora of titles such as GTA: Vice City, Persona 3, Tekken 6, and a whole lot more and the sad part is most of the games are most often not available for Android. It is also not practical for us all to buy a PlayStation Portable. But now, as you can enjoy those PSP games on your Android device. New technologies in the gaming industry have exposed us to new technology that applies to Android PSP emulators. Using these PSP emulators, you can conveniently run your favorite PSP games on your Android device. Here in this article, we have compiled a list of the 6 best PSP emulators for Android.

Price: Free

By far, the best and most popular of the PSP emulators is the PPSSPP. PPSSPP has an easy and user-friendly interface, good compatibility, and excellent performance. PPSSPP receives regular updates and has a premium version that excludes ads (PPSSPP Gold). If you want to try it out, the ad-supported free version works perfectly.

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2. Rocket PSP Emulator
Price: Free

A very common emulator is the Rocket PSP Emulator. It’s pretty modern, it still has some glitches, and it’s just fine with its usability. It uses the open-source PPSSPP project, but it has all of the same characteristics. That includes a software controller, save and load states, and, again, good compatibility.

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3. Rapid Emulator
Price: Free

With Rapid PSP Emulator, you can now get or source PSP games from anywhere and enjoy them flawlessly on your devices. This helps it to be very useful, and the best thing is that it does not interfere with the root of the game file. In order to run Sony’s premium titles, you don’t need to purchase a PlayStation portable.

You can play virtually all PSP games from anywhere on your mobile device at any time. For lower-end devices, this one is calibrated and, thus, operates a little better without any tinkering. Hardware controllers, saving states, and the normal items are also provided in the app. For improved usability, it offers stunning graphics rendering and comes with a simple interface.

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4. Sunshine Emulator
Price: Free

You can try the Sunshine Simulator for Android if you want to experience the fastest gameplay pace of your favorite PSP titles. This iconic PSP emulator for Android is very good for running any PSP game on any platform device.

It will allow you to experience the game with the greatest smoothness and graphics at the same time. It does all of the normal stuff along with good game compatibility, such as save states and network gaming.

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5. RetroArch
Price: Free

One of the most unique PSP emulators is RetroArch. In fact, it can emulate a whole bunch of different gaming systems. The Libretro system is used by RetroArch. In essence, it runs plugins operating as emulators. Thus, RetroArch can do anything as long as you have the appropriate plugin, from SNES to PSP.

The emulator appears to work well, but there are usability issues here and there, like others. Since the system is very complicated, there is also a learning curve. Even so, it’s a nice one to test and it’s open-source and totally free.

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6. Golden PSP Emulator
Price: Free

A recent and fully free PSP Emulator for Android devices is Golden PSP Emulator. With this emulator, you can now attain the outstanding performance of the most common PSP games with pleasing graphics and sound systems.

Also, saving and restoring the gaming state is nice so you can resume from where you left before. So, you don’t have to think about how an emulator works. Much as you do with other Android titles, you can play and enjoy some high definition games.

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So, here are the best PSP emulators you can use to play your favorite PSP games for Android devices. Such emulators are ideal for supplying your beloved retro games with the highest standard gameplay interface and graphics. You’ll enjoy the most rewarding sound effects at the same time.

Nearly all the apps are almost compatible with each other. So, I suggest you try looking for it on Google Play and try it out to see which one you like. Please share your thoughts and tell us about them in the comments if we have missed some amazing Android PSP emulators!

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