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The 10 Best NBA Video Games 2021

10 best nba video games 2021

Are you a video gamer in college, high school, or just someone who is a basketball fan? These are the best NBA video games to play both modern and old! After a long day of lectures and you just want to kick back and relax with friends.

As the NBA final had around 7.5 million viewers, the NBA is still a very famous game. Although everybody is unable to play in the NBA, consistency and intriguing visuals and fantastic user interface have really stepped up to make us feel like we are right on the court and you are the star player.

Throughout the years, NBA video games have regularly been a success for fans of both video games and basketball. Although new improved games continue to come into the market with better graphics and gameplay every year, video game fans continue to play older versions because of the novelty associated with them some aspects of game performance, and because of their console choice.

Although new releases are being developed and published, many players do not always have the money to modify their gaming experience, so the older games continue to remain popular. We also made a list of some of the best NBA video games of all time that you can play for video gamers who love to imitate their favorite NBA team or player of all time, whether new and old. Below, check it out.


NBA 2K20

A household name when it comes to basketball games is the 2K franchise. It is for a reason, the highest-selling NBA video game. NBA 2K20, which is available on PlayStatyion4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Android, Microsoft Windows, and Google Stadia, has realistic gameplay, impressive graphics, and a rich storyline. Develop your character, create your team in this groundbreaking basketball simulation game from scratch and play career modes.



In the very last minute, EA Sports canceled NBA Live 20, but 2019’s version, NBA Live 19, still had plenty of juice. NBA 2K20 has overshadowed the NBA Live 19 title, which is available on PS4 and Xbox One, so you can get at an affordable cost. It features tweaks in the gameplay, including real-player motion and skill replication. The basketball simulation game, including the career mode, has everything an ordinary gamer might like.


NBA 2K Playgrounds

NBA 2K Playgrounds 2 is an arcade-style game, while NBA Live and NBA 2K are simulation games. Rather than the 5v5 gameplay provided by real-life basketball simulation games, Playgrounds is all about fast-paced 2v2 matches. Even if the mechanics of NBA 2K20 and NBA Live 19 are difficult for you, it’s the simplest basketball video game that is available on PS4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


NBA 2K19

2K19 celebrates 20 years of redefining what can be sports games, from best graphics & gameplay in class to innovative game modes and an interactive open-world? The Quarter? NBA 2K19 aims to break boundaries as it takes gaming one step closer to the excitement and culture of real-life basketball.

Does this also help harness MyPLAYER? With the new Takeover feature, unlock special moves and abilities never seen before on the court, or trigger Squad, a name for yourself on the court, build your first MyPLAYER card, and ball in a variety of competitive modes with LeBron, Kobe, and the rest of your set. NBA 2K19 is available on Ps4 and Xbox One.


NBA jam

One of those video games that brings back the nostalgic feeling of the arcade and Nintendo playtime of childhood is NBA Jam. Thankfully for gamers, for XBOX 360 and Playstation 3, NBA Jam is now available, so everyone can relive the glory days. Some new remix modes as well as their original game modes are also brought with it by the new NBA Jam. With cheesy commentary, over-the-top dunks by the players, unrealistic gameplay, and more, NBA Jam retains its retro look, exactly what makes this game pleasant.


NBA Street Vol 2

This is a fantastic addition to the list of best NBA video games to play because, among its rivals, it is exceptional. This game is created by EA Canada and provides several different playing modes. In Pick Up Game, NBA Challenge mode, Be A Legend mode, and Street School mode, there are single-player and multiplayer options where you can compete. This game will take you through the urban streets of the biggest cities and will show you the basketball ins and outs of the game’s legends. This game has a distinct vibe than most of the other NBA 2K series titles.


NBA Street Showdown

Another video game that is well past its prime is NBA Street Showdown. For fans who want to relive their childhood a bit and enjoy the old graphics and extravagant gameplay of previous technology, this video game is fun. Career mode, mini-games, and head-to-head play come with NBA Street Showdown. This is a three-on-three basketball game in which players come from all 30 NBA clubs, and it also involves some NBA stars.


NBA 2k18

NBA 2K18 While 2k18 is a bit old, playing with it is still a great jam. What is highly remarkable about the NBA 2K18 installment is that, much as the players do in real life, each individual player in the game will treat the ball differently. This is special because when video gamers select their NBA teams within the game, they actually choose on the basis of the players’ skill differences. This is a very significant trait that still makes it interesting. NBA 2K18 is available on Ps4, Nintendo Switch and Xbox One.


NBA live18

You can select from various modes in this video game, such as The One, where you can play in league or street mode. When you progress through the game and attempt to advance their abilities over time the game will concentrate on your player’s career from college to professional.


There is also a franchise mode that functions more like the NBA draft and a regular game in the format of the NBA season. NBA Live 18 has some pretty decent graphics and gameplay, but when it comes to the NBA video game options for 2018, players seem to like NBA 2k18 more. NBA 2K18 is available on Ps4 and Xbox One.

NBA live06

NBA Live 06 was one of the first NBA video games to look very impressive in terms of graphics. The players’ faces look precise, and so do the coaches, too. Overall, the graphics of this game are amazing, especially back in 2006. As new installments came on the scene, however, this one (as expected) fell to the wayside. As technology keeps changing, it’s difficult for video games to keep up. As well as the sound of NBA Live 06, people still like to play.

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