Top 30 Best Anime Dogs – A List of The Best Dogs In Anime

Top 30 best anime dogs

 Anime dogs are the best. No one will dispute this. It’s a scientific fact. A dog from anime is the best dog of all time.

So we at weebgamer compiled a list of 30 of the best anime dogs of all time. These dogs are among the most lovable and memorable characters in the history of the industry.

30. EIN – Cowboy Bebop

Ein Cowboy Bebop  best anime dog

Ein is the Bebop crew’s adorable scientifically enhanced “data dog.” Despite his intelligence, he lacks the ability to talk. The true tragedy of Ein’s life is that the Bebop crew seems to be entirely unaware of his contributions.

29. Iggy  – JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure

iggy- dogs in anime

Iggy is a New York-based Boston Terrier. He spends his time chewing on human hair and farting in human faces when he is not assisting the show’s protagonists.

But don’t be fooled by Iggy’s small size; he’s a street dog with a lot of guts. He must be offered his favorite treat – coffee-flavored chewing gum – to keep him calm.

28. Makkachin – Yuri on Ice

Makkachin- cute anime dog

Makkachin is a cute anime dog that follows Victor around everywhere he goes; the two are virtually inseparable! The dog is so closely associated with Victor that it inspired Yuri to create his own poodle.

You’ll be hard-pressed to find a dog owner who is more devoted to their pet. Victor taking a break from competitive skating to be with his beloved pet in what viewers have come to believe is the doggo’s final years is a huge heart-warming moment in the series.

27. Sadaharu – Gintama


Sadaharu appears to be just another adorable white fluffy anime dog at first glance, but despite his cute look, Sadaharu is a dog god who grows larger when fed strawberries and milk.

He can usually be found playing doggy rock-paper-scissors with Hijikata or resting under a kotatsu when he isn’t chewing people’s heads off.


26. Guts – Kill la Kill

favorite anime dog - guts

Guts is the Mankanshoku family’s pet pug. His name comes from the fact that he “eats with a lot of gusto.” Guts is a perv who enjoys nothing more than stuffing his face with human food than warming up to Ryuko.

25. AkamaruNaruto

best anime dog -akamaru

This is an anime dog that we’ve all seen before. Akamaru, a ninja dog from Konohagakure’s Inuzuka clan, is Kiba’s devoted companion.

This adorable dog does not appear to be smart, but he is incredibly intelligent and possesses a variety of special abilities, including the ability to upgrade his skills with soldier pills, track opponents in an instant, and even transform into a clone of Kiba during battles!

24. Alexander – FMA Brotherhood

cute anime dog - alexander

In Fullmetal Alchemist, Alexander is Nina Tucker’s pet dog. Before the series’ main characters Edward Elric and his brother Alphonse come to the Tuckers’ home to study Alchemy and become friends with Alexander and Nina, he is Nina’s best friend and only playmate.

23. Pakkun – Naruto

Pakkun is a small dog who is part of Kakashi’s hound squad, Ninken. He can speak and is an Animal Summoning.

Pakkun is often summoned by Kakashi as a guide because he knows how to respond in dangerous situations and has sound judgment. He’s also a great tracker, able to follow a person’s scent.

22. Potato – Air

potato from air

Potato is a white-furred, fuzzy little dog with black eyes. He’s sassy and sometimes annoys Yukito.

21. Heen – Howl’s Moving Castle

This white and brown anime dog is actually older than he looks. Madam Sulliman’s errand dog, Heen, is both silent and well-behaved. He tries his hardest to support Sophie when she is in trouble, despite his laziness and inability to climb stairs.

20. Apo – Uchuu Kyoudai

Apo, Hibito’s guide dog (a pug), likes hot dogs and is the world’s best alarm clock. He was given the name Apollo after the Apollo moon missions. Apo was one of the key reasons Mutta wasn’t eliminated from the race, as he was instrumental in catching the Fire Extinguisher Thief.

19. Shiro – Hoozuki no Reitetsu

Shiro was originally Momotaro’s partner in Japanese mythology but now works in animal hell, assisting in the punishment of those who abused animals during their lives.

When Momotarou went to Hell to battle oni and was defeated, Hoozuki recruited him. Both Kakisuke, the ape, and Rurio, the pheasant, were defeated, and they now work together in Animal Hell. He and Hozuki get along pretty smoothly.

18. Zeke – High School of the Dead

Zeke is one of the best anime dogs out there. He is an unofficial member who was discovered by Alice Maresato and adopted by Takashi Komuro’s party. Despite his diminutive size, Zeke is brave and energetic, able to defend Alice when she is attacked by zombies.

Zeke has shown acute senses throughout the series, and is often the first to notice the presence of zombies before the other survivors. Kohta Hirano gave him the name Zeke, which was derived from the American Army’s codename for the Mitsubishi Zero fighters during WWII, “Zeke.”

17. Chouchou – One Piece


Chouchou is a white dog from Orange Town who patrols a pet store day and night, unmoving, since his deceased owner, Hocker, owned the shop. He runs a pet food store after the time jump. He’s a Type B creature, meaning he’s “Small Friendly.”

During the Orange Town Arc, he was a friend of the Straw Hat Pirates.

16. Oslow – The Seven Deadly Sins

favorite anime dog - oslow

Oslo is the King’s pet Black Hound, a ferociously aggressive wild creature that will track down and destroy enemies before it succeeds. Oslo is said to be the reincarnation of Rou, who lived 3,000 years ago.

15. Puppy – Elfen Lied

kawaii anime dog - puppy

Lucy’s Puppy was a tiny stray dog discovered by a young Lucy as she sought shelter from the hardships and injustices she endured at the orphanage where she spent most of her childhood.

14. Cezar – Castlevania

In the Castlevania animated series, Cezar is Hector’s reanimated pet dog. It’s a black zombie pug with one eye missing and the other glowing a faint blue hue, showing that it’s undead.

13. Mike – Hunter x Hunter

Mike is one of the scariest anime dogs on our list. He is the Zoldyck Estate’s guard dog. Mike is a hound that has undergone extensive training and is constantly attempting to memorize the look and smell of strangers.

He displays little or no emotion, appearing to be more like a machine than a living animal, to the point that even Gon was terrified when confronted by him, as he was nothing like the wild animals he was used to. He is difficult to manage, and he pays little attention to anyone but the Zoldyck family.

12. Xiwang – Pet

In the Pet series, Xiwang is the name of a puppy. Tsukasa looked after Xiwang as a boy, and the effect Xiwang had on his memory will become the keyhole in Tsukasa’s Valley.

11. Shadow – The Royal Tutor 

Shadow is the Granzreich family’s royal pet dog. Adele and Kai are his best friends.

10. Akame – Ginga Nagareboshi Gin

The eleventh Akame and the 112th generation descendant of legendary zaru, Akame is the chief of the Iga Clan, an ancient tribe of ninja dogs. Gin’s strategist and personal friend, he later became an Ou soldier.

9. Chihuahuaffle – Toriko

cute anime dog - chihuahuaffle

The Chihuahuaffle is a breed of chihuahua dog with spongy waffle-like ears and a sweetness like you’ve never tasted before. Its waffle ears appear to emit steam.

8. Happy – Flowering Heart

This anime dog is brown with a white tail and messy fur. His paws and the insides of his ears are all white. He has a black nose and tiny brown eyes. When he thinks his personal space is being invaded, he may be very hostile.

7. Divine dogs – Jujutsu Kaisen

Divine Dogs are twin wolf shikigami that can be summoned using the Zenin family’s Ten Shadows Technique. The Divine Dogs are a pair of wolves that are twins. One hound is white, while the other is black, and both have three opposing-colored dots on their foreheads.

When a person inherits the Ten Shadows technique, the Divine Dogs are the first set of shikigami they get.

6. Shiro – Elegant Yokai Apartment Life

Shiro is a character in the Elegant Yokai Apartment Life series who plays a supporting role.
He is one of the Kotobuki Manor residents. Kuri always has a ghost dog with him.

5. Tatsumaki – Dog Days

Tatsumaki is the Biscotti Republic’s dog. He is in charge of traveling to another dimension and bringing the Hero back to Flognarde. He is a member of the Secret Squad of the Knights of Biscotti.

4. Hiroyuki – Kemono Michi

Genzo’s dog, Hiroyuki, follows him around everywhere. Hiroyuki can enter fights and do moves with him even when he is fighting in the ring. His species was unknown and he was considered a rare species when he was transported to a different planet and time with Genzo, so people tried to steal and sell him.

3. Genta – Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne

Mimi and Rin have a large white dog named Genta, who Mimi adores more than Rin. Genta is immortal, like Rin and Mimi, as a result of the female dog gaining a time fruit at some point in her life.

2. Detective Kunkun – Rozen Maiden

Detective Kun-Kun is a fictional doll who stars in his own detective television program, which is a parody of another detective anime.

1. Tanuki – Super Lovers

The dog of the Kaidou brothers is known as Tanuki. In the past, Onodera (the Kaidou brothers’ previous landlord) had a ‘raccoon dog’ living under his house, and he would sometimes feed it scraps of food he ate. When the ‘raccoon dog’ eventually emerged from under the house, they discovered that it didn’t look like a raccoon dog at all. Ren Kaid was chosen to look after Tanuki while Onodera was in the hospital recovering from a foot injury. Tanuki, on the other hand, formed a close bond with Ren, so Onodera allowed Tanuki to remain with the Kaidou brothers.





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